School Readiness Programme

When your child is ready (around 4), he/she will be invited to our preschool learning extension time. This learning extension focuses on school readiness skills, reading programme, literacy, and critical thinking investigations in preparation for school.

The Extension Class Program is developed in close collaboration with local primary schools.

This ensures your child has a flying start into the formal schooling environment. It includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Concentrated time of extended learning each day with 1 dedicated teacher
  • Self-care skills at lunch time
  • Correct pencil grip and sitting posture
  • Correct alphabet writing; name and emergent words writing
  • Beginner reading, storytelling and short story writing
  • Phonetics and sounds of the letters
  • Number recognition, mathematics
  • Group discussion and project work that introduces them to researching, team work and leadership etc.

Parents will be given detailed information when their child joins the Extension Class and are expected to play an active part during this education process.