Settling Your Child


You are encouraged to bring your child for visits before he/she starts at Henderson Early Learning Centre. Prepare your child beforehand by talking about the new centre having a new environment, fun activities, new friends, new teachers, etc.

During the shrot visits, our teachers will introduce themselves and will show you around and give details about the routine. One way for your child to be comfortable and develop trust with the teachers is using your “parent’s voice” to assist and explain to your child aout the daily routine and learning areas.

We have a Primary Care Giver policy (PCG) for all children starting at the Henderson Early Learning Centre. The PCG is responsible for the child’s overall well-being, forming trust between the child and the teaching team, and maintain communication with parents. Depending on which days your child attends and his/her interests, we’ll advise you of your child’s PCG before your child starts.