We operate under the framework of Te Whaariki (The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum 2017)

At our centre we believe that children learn through meaningful play and exploration of their learning environment. Play offers a child to make choice of what he or she wants to do, ask questions, solve problems and work collaboratively alongside others. Children are infinitely capable, inquisitive unique individuals.

This leads us to provide abundant resources and give children the freedom to explore, experience and express.

We strongly believe the early years of the child development has the greatest influence over who they will become as individuals in their adulthood. Hence, we include our whanau’s goals and aspirations in planning tamariki’s learning programme, plan visits to public places and invite people in the centre to create socially competent children.

To support the children that they are secure in their heart, confident in their mind and independent in their attitude, we provide primary teacher responsible to support our new member to settle in and grow holistically.

Respecting the dual cultural heritage of Aotearoa we embrace principal of the Treaty of Waitangi. To inculcate the knowledge of the Te-Reo Maori and values and Tikanga as important part of learning in their early years, we create resources and celebrate every opportunity that helps us to show respect to this unique cultural context of our country.

Our centre is multi-cultural, this motivates us to celebrate different festivals, taste different foods and learn different languages to help young minds to understand the diversity of the society that we live in, and gain the competence to grow together.